Leanne (diet_cokeofevil) wrote in thegirlproject,

Newbie and Girl Scout Gold Award

Hi all. My name is Leanne, I am 18, and I reside in California. Not much else to say about myself, other than that I've been a Girl Scout for 12 years, and my feminist side probably rooted from my involvement in the Girl Scout organization. Which leads me to my questions...

Background first:
I am currently working on my Girl Scout Gold Award Project and I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice or ideas. What I would like to do for my project is to write a production about the violence against women that occurs everyday. I'd like to have several different girls' stories followed, starting from when they are graduating from high school (maybe even some stories involving their pasts) and continuing through their lifetimes. I'm thinking this will be a tight group of maybe 5 friends who reunited every once in a while and share (or don't share if they are the type that denies it) their various incidences of violence. I plan on having the stories range from economical violence (where the man controls the money making it impossible for the woman to leave) to physical violence (such as rape or beating).

The production will be free of admission, but I will highly encourage attendees to bring used clothing and/or toiletries that I plan on donating to a local women's help organization. I will also be handing out information pamphlets to the audience that describe violence against women and provide resources for where victims can get help or where people can volunteer their efforts towards helping end this violence.

My questions to all of you are:
- Do you know of any specific stories that would be very meaningful to include in my production? (names of parties involved not needed, and if they are given, they will be changed)
- Do you have any ideas of organizations that you know are very effective in their fight against violence that I can suggest my audience gets involved in?
- Do you have any other suggestions or questions that would aid me in my project?

Thanks in advance for your help! :)
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