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This weekend my ex girlfriend was drugged at a bar and nearly raped, the friend she went with was drugged, raped, and woke up naked in her van.

I’m so tired of feeling helpless in these situations and feeling like there’s nothing I can do to make an impact! My blood as been boiling. This same situation has reoccurred time and time again and I’ve never been able to figure out how to have any influence.

I’m here to get some help and direction with my idea, or resources... see if anybody has any experience in what my plans are… etc.

I’d like to become a decoy of sorts. Work with authorities (even though I believe they spend little time and energy on catching people who use roofies to rape). Basically use myself to catch drink-druggers and get them arrested, hopefully get their providers arrested. I don’t know how it would work exactly, I just had this idea last night. Maybe be paired with a female cop? Have a wire to backup outside? Have testing strips in my purse to check the drinks?

I just want to do SOMETHING. Rape is not getting any less frequent. It’s not going anywhere, and I can’t sit and do nothing anymore.

Has anyone heard of programs like this anywhere? Anything, really, any ideas or direction or possible organizations I can affiliate myself with or ask for advice would be great. Thanks in advance.

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I don't think any law enforcement agency is going to allow you to act as a decoy. There are female undercover cops who do that and putting you in danger unnecessarily isn't something the police are likely to be interested. As for what to do, well, talk about it, raise awareness, volunteer at shelters and work to get the laws changed and the police more active in this area. It's not direct action but honestly, direct action probably isn't somehting that's going to happen.
I think the key thing to stop men from raping women is to make men scared. They need to be afraid of being caught and being severely punished.

After watching countless shows about girls who have been raped or were almost raped I have realized that fighting back is SO important. We've taught girls that they are physically weak and will ultimately lose any battle with a man. We've taught them that it is best to just give in to what he wants because "at least you'll make it out alive." This kind of attitude makes me sick. Why, WHY would we ever teach girls to be so passive?? Isn't it that same passive attitude that has kept women in a subservient position throughout history? If every girl was told to fight back in every situation men would be a lot more hesitant to attempt rape. Girls need to know that muscles have nothing to do with being able to fight effectively.

Okay, I could go on and on forever. I realize that this doesn't help very much in the case of girls who are drugged. For those cases I think that if the punishment for rapists was harsher then fewer men would be doing it. There are tons of young men out there who could care less if they get a year or two in jail for raping a woman, but they might care if it was 20 years.